A former Marine just experienced why we as Americans who support the Constitution are so dead set again "red flag" laws.

Jon Carpenter who is a military veteran, a sports fisherman, and a law-abiding Second Amendment supporting gun owner living in St. Cloud, Florida was the victim of a clerical mistake.

Carpenter had his gun license suspended after the state mixed him up with someone else, that is, another Jon Carpenter who had recently threatened an elderly couple.

“He’s 110 pounds. I’m 200. He has brown eyes. I have hazel. He has black hair. I have no hair,” Carpenter told local station WTVT, 

However, the state and the police seemed to have trouble telling the two apart from one another.

“[T]he veteran, fisherman, 200-pound Jon Carpenter was sent a certified letter from the state, suspending his firearms license. … He also received a notice that he had been reported to DCF for elder abuse and a state order to surrender any firearms,” WTVT reported on Feb. 4.

“I was just dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do. I called the state and they basically said, 'There's an injunction against you,'” Carpenter explained.

He also received a notice that he had been reported to DCF for elder abuse and a state order to surrender any firearms.

"The state basically said, If it’s not you, go to the courthouse. They’ll give you a letter and they’ll get you reinstated,” said Carpenter.

But that's not how it played out.

"Then, he finally comes out, and he's like you basically have to go to court on the 27th, in two weeks. So I said, 'I'm guilty until I prove myself innocent? That’s why I'm here, trying to show its not me.' And he’s like, 'Since you‘re here, you’ve been served. Here’s your restraining order,'” Carpenter recalled.

He finally connected with someone in the sheriff’s office, who helped him get the injunction dismissed and called the state to get his firearms license reinstated.

"They said they process it in the order it was received and it takes 6-8 weeks. I was like, 'So you can suspend it in one day, instantly, but for somebody else’s mistake, I’ve got to wait 6-8 weeks?'”

Fortunately, Carpenter was able to get his license back but this is exactly why we as Americans do not want any sort of red flag law like this, especially since there seems to be so much incompetence with those given the authority to enforce these laws.

This is exactly what we were worried about and Mr. Carpenter will not be the last American to have his rights infringed.

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