Now that President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen has accused Trump of violating campaign finance laws, the left is going nuts. But now a former Hillary Clinton pollster dishes on who really broke the campaign finance laws.

Even though Cohen turning into a rat to save himself is the big story right now, it's not President Trump who is the guilty one. It is the two-time loser Hillary Clinton.

Yet somehow Hillary Clinton continues to be able to use her lifetime stay out of jail pass with the feds. Not just the feds, but also the media and the angry and raging left.

There is one person who is not giving Hillary a free pass. Her former pollster who has not established himself as public enemy #1 for the left. Mark Penn has put his safety on the line to bring out the truth.

In an editorial by the man who was not only the chief strategist of Hillary's 2008 losing campaign, but also served as a pollster for Slick Willie. He put the double standard of how Trump is treated when compared to the Clintons on blast. He also called out Special Counsel Robert Mueller for using Cohen to frame President Trump.

Penn also laughs at the notion that Trump's payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels broke the law while the Clinton team making payments to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele was totally cool.

Check out the full story at The Hill.

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