Former FBI agent Terry James Albury was charged with federal criminal charges in March. Albury was looking to be a whistle blower on the FBI's "systemic biases." Instead he will be spending time in prison.

Now it's time for Mr. Albury to do time. On Thursday he was sentenced to four years in prison along with three years of supervised released.


Terry James Albury, a former FBI agent in Minnesota, was sentenced to four years in prison with an additional three years of supervised release on Thursday in U.S. District Court..

Albury admitted that he leaked documents to a reporter from The Intercept, an online news publication. He worked as an FBI Special Agent at the field office in Minneapolis at the time of the disclosure in 2016-2017. He was also working as a liaison with the Department of Customs and Border Protection at MSP International Airport during that same time period.

He was charged with one count of unauthorzed disclosure of national defense information, and one count of retention of national defense information. Albury pleaded guilty in federal court in April of 2018. At the time of his guilty plea, Albury’s attorneys released a statement saying Albury was acting out of conscience, and that he felt troubled, alleging racism within the FBI.

Former FBI agent Terry James Albury

It's good to see some accountability. Albury has admitted he made a mistake and is very apologetic while accepting the sentencing.

Whether he meant well or not, as an FBI agent he had to know that he should not have leaked those documents. If he genuinely didn't know that, then it was part of his job and he failed.

During the Trump administration a whole lot of leaking has been uncovered. Makes you wonder if this is something that has always been going on. It sure seems like it. Good thing President Trump was sworn in and issues like this are being addressed.

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