Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden is claiming that he doesn't think America would survive another term with Donald Trump as our president. I wonder if he is worried about more jobs and an even better economy? Perhaps he's concerned that Americans are opening their eyes to the truth: Democrats do not want what is best for our country.

PJ Media reports: 

Here are some of the "highlights" (or lowlights, depending on your perspective) from the podcast:

Hayden is very worried about the resignation of the UK ambassador to the United States and the fact that Trump consistently treats our closest allies like enemies and some of our worst enemies like allies.The Mueller report was even worse for Trump than he had anticipated and he eagerly looks forward to what Robert Mueller will say in his congressional testimonies next week.

He ominously concludes that the damage that Trump has done to our institutions so far can be survived, but that the United States, at least as we know it, may not be able to endure two terms of him as president.

Lastly, to imply that Trump -- all by himself -- will somehow destroy America is downright fantastical. The U.S. may very well have the strongest foundation of any nation on earth. This system survived a civil war, Jim Crow, and the civil rights clash in the second half of the 20th century. It's crazy to suggest that it can't survive one single president you happen to hate.

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