I'm not trying to say Pretty Boy Floyd is a good guy by any means, but he got this right. Floyd Mayweather confronts Kaepernick. "All lives matter."

Per Yahoo:

“I’m here to say all lives matter,” Mayweather said. “You know, a lot of times, we get stuck, and we are followers. When you hear one person say, ‘black lives matter,’ or ‘blue lives matter,’ all lives matter.”

Mayweather refuses to place the blame on the police, despite a number of officer-involved incidents this year.

“It’s not right what is going on in this world on both sides,” Mayweather said. “What I learned from boxing and what everyone can take in real life is to follow directions, follow order. Don’t give nobody a hard time.”

Watch the video.

Floyd Mayweather - "All lives matter"

Floyd Mayweather has a long history of being a woman beater and just all around bad guy. Other than what he has done in the boxing ring, the guy has not had a lot of great moments. But you have to give credit where it's due. In this video Floyd Mayweather lays it out perfectly so knuckleheads like Colin Kaepernick can understand.

That said, I'll be rooting for McGregor to lay him out flat. If it happens I'll be shocked, but miracles do happen.

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