This is not your average story. A Florida woman tries to trade sex act for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets and $25 to an undercover officer. She is now facing prostitution charges.

Alex Direeno, 22, is now being held in the Manatee County jail. Her charges include possession of drug paraphernalia along with outstanding warrants due to her April 25 incident. During the incident, Direeno waved down an undercover police officer from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office while she was leaving a Marathon gas station. This was in Bradenton, FL, per the Miami Herald.

Direeno then got in the car and rode away with the police officer. Then the doctor offered her a payment of $25 for some oral sex. After a bit of negotiating for a few minutes, they settled on a price of $25 and Chicken McNuggets. There is no clarification as to how many Chicken McNuggets agreed upon accepting.

Florida Woman Tries to Trade Sex Act for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

After they came to an agreement the officer pulled the car into an area where there were other detectives waiting. Upon arrival the officer showed her the cash. Direeno was then arrested on prostitution charges. After searching her they were able to find two hypodermic needles, a burn glass pipe, a spoon and some baggies all of which were in her purse. It is suspected that these items were used to abuse heroin or crack cocaine.

Before this incident Direeno was already on three years probation. She pled guilty to grand theft auto along with another charge of possession of drug paraphernalia back in March.

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