Florida Man Gives Police the Best Excuse Ever for Cocaine Being in His Car

The legend of the “Florida Man” continues to grow. It’s always irritating when that darn wind starts causing trouble.

A Florida man was pulled over last month by Fort Pierce police. Sure, there was cocaine residue, a Budweiser can and a crack pipe in his car, but he had a great reason for why that happened.

Joseph Zak, 37, claimed the cocaine residue found inside his car was blown into his car by the wind, according to WPLG. Nevermind that it was accompanied by a crack pipe and Budweiser can. Also, forget the part where he was trying to discard an item while he was stopped for failing to pause at a stop sign.

Cops asked him about a residue found in his car which later tested positive for crack cocaine. His response.

“The police or the wind must have placed it there.”

Zak was arrested and placed in jail.

More Stories on the Legend of Florida Man:

It’s most often a child that comes up with these stories. You know the ones like “my dog ate my homework” but it’s even funnier when a grown man comes up with one of these tales.

It’s even better when one of these ridiculous tales is told by someone from Florida.

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