first american medal winner

Ginny Thrasher, from West Virginia University, became the first American to win gold. She actually was awarded the first gold medal out of everyone in the Olympics.  Let's check out all of the praise Hillary heaped on her. Oh wait, there was none. So yeah, Hillary ignores first American medal winner.

Now let's look at Ibtihaj Muhamma. She was the first U.S. Olympics athlete to compete in the games while wearing her hijab. The liberals, Hillary included, were jumping over one another to see who could heap the most praise on her.

Ibtihaj Muhammad wearing hijab during olympics

Sure, that's a cool thing. It shows a few things, like the world doesn't judge people for what religion they are. Also we're not worried about expressing yourself with unique fashion statements. And we all support Americans no matter what, right?

Did you know that she has bashed the United States in the past? She has stated this country is full of bigots and that she does not feel comfortable in this country as a Muslim.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. That is what makes the United States such a great nation. We are still proud of her like we are proud of all of our American athletes.

Liberals can't stop heaping the praise on her. Some have even when as far to say that she should have carried the U.S. flag at the opening ceremony instead of the great Michael Phelps. Why is that? Because they stated that "rich white men" are not nearly as cool as Muslim Americans.

She was eliminated very early from the competition. She will not win a medal, but we are still proud of our Americans.

Hillary heaped on the praise because she's a politician and she's pandering. And that is what politicians do.

And just to recap, let's go back and look at the praise that Hillary heaped on Ginny Thrasher for her gold medal. Oh, that's right. There was zero praise to Ginny. Hillary ignores first American medal winner.

Does not getting any praise have anything to do with Ginny shooting a gun? That couldn't be the case could it?

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