In September 2016, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned the now fired FBI Director James Comey about Clinton IT staffer who was granted immunity despite his role in deleting emails from the private server. Could Comey's answer get him locked up?

A Reddit account was uncovered that clearly was Combetta asking for advice deleting names from a "very VIP" email account. Great job by the online sleuths of the world.

Combetta was caught red-handed of not only deleting emails, but deleting emails that were under subpoena.

As part of their investigation of Clinton, Obama's Department of Justice granted Combetta immunity.

Even though there was proof that Combetta was deleting email evidence that was under subpoena, Comey granted him immunity.

On Friday Mike Cernovich took a shot at Comey for the criminal actions he took part in during the email probe.

Hi @Comey,
Why wasn’t Hillary’s IT guy prosecuted for obstructing justice when there is smoking gun evidence he sought to destroy information under subpoena?

But Cernovich wasn't done.

There is no doubt that Comey's actions should put him in prison.

Back in December 2017, Rep. Jim Jordan said he was convinced the FBI was trying to keep Donald Trump from being elected President of the United States during an interview with Fox.

Don't forget on Friday emails from Anthony Weiner's laptop were released by the State Department. Of course they contained classified information from Hillary and Huma. Yet they still remain free and not locked up.


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