The liberal mainstream media is completely off their rocker. After a despicable, tasteless Trump joke by Stephen Colbert, #FireColbert trends on Twitter.

The rage by the left is unlike anything in modern political history. The left is deeply hurt by their loss in the 2016 presidential election. Any type of sense and reasoning has been abandoned in the following months. The only thing driving the actions of the left at this point is hatred. They are being sore losers and simply refuse to move on from the loss that happened months ago.

Even Hillary Clinton is part of the movement. Yesterday Hillary came out and said she is part of "the resistance" to Trump.

All of the liberal mainstream media suspects are getting in on the action. Stephen Colbert usually maintains himself better than this, but the hateful rage of the Hillary loss has lured him in. His anger drove him into a homophobic slur that describes the relationship between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The insult was so vile that many are calling for the firing of Stephen Colbert. Watch the video, but be warned, this is extremely graphic language.

Per the Daily Wire (again WARNING strong language):

“While the establishment media yet again exposes its blatant bias against all things conservative by giving Stephen Colbert a pass for dropping ‘c**k holster’ on the President of the United States, #FireColbert has been trending on Twitter. In fact, on Tuesday, it reached the No. 2 trending topic nationally. But it’s not only pro-Trumpers promoting the hashtag, some in the LGBT community are also calling foul on Colbert’s ‘homophobic’ rant.

“And this is not the first time Colbert has made such a comment about Trump. Here he was a few months ago asking Trump, ‘What does Putin’s d*** taste like?’:

“Though many of the same folks in the media would be clamoring for a conservative’s head over such comments, particularly if directed at Barack Obama, most of them are shrugging it off or tying themselves into knots defending their fellow progressive. But social media is responding less sympathetically, including many from the LGBT community.

Newsweek, which attempts to paint Colbert as more of a victim than the offender in the situation, nonetheless admits that Colbert’s joke ‘has clearly caused offense among some in the LGBT community.’ One example Newsweek grudgingly provides is from openly gay author and journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept.

“‘Homophobia for the right cause, with the right targets, is good homophobia, apparently,’ Greenwald tweeted Tuesday.”


By dropping this homophobic slurColbert has moved into the role of being a progressive hypocrite, to the 10th degree. Even worse are the far leftists who are giving Colbert a free pass when it comes to this disgusting remark. #FireColbert is trending and for good reason. He absolutely needs to be held accountable.

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