Feminists are very triggered by Mother's Day. They also happen to be triggered by Ben Shapiro, so it should come as no surprise when feminists lose their minds over Ben Shapiro's Mother's Day tweet. It's always extra points when you can work in a "patriarchy" reference and Shapiro did just that.

Shapiro tweeted: I asked my 4-year-old daughter this morning whether she thought it would be more fun to have a job or be a mommy. She said, "To be a mommy, so I can cuddle my babies." Clearly, she has already been victimized by the patriarchy.

If you know how Shapiro rolls, you know he wasn't done at that point. He twisted the knife a little deeper into the already triggered feminists.

At that point, the Twitter reactions began rolling in. Here are some of the best:

There were even a few different back-and-forths that were pretty good.

This exchange was absolutely hysterical.

No one can trigger the left like Ben Shapiro.

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