The left has completely lost it. This feminist wants to ban words containing "man." Tucker Carlson brings her on his show and makes her look like a complete fool.

Cathy Areu appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to address the guidelines Purdue University published that scold students for using words such as "mankind" and "mailman."

Tucker didn't waste time making some jokes at her expense.

“You’re lecturing us about sexism while you’re sitting right now in MAN-hattan,” Tucker cracked. His guest took the banter, but clearly sided with the idea what words should be changed or banished based on their maleness."

Per Conservative Tribune:

The Fox host asked the obvious question: Does everything need to be changed if it’s even remotely offensive to someone?

“What if you lived in Manchester, Vermont?” he asked.

“Well they might have to change the name of the city if people agree with Purdue University. And Purdue found that things need to be updated and they updated their writing guide to take out these words that are apparently offending certain groups of people,” Areu explained.

Yes, that’s where we are in 2018: Liberals are now claiming that entire cities need to be re-named because somewhere, an obscure group of people has decided to get their pantaloons in a bunch.

Carlson pointed out that what his liberal guest was basically describing is bullying by one group against everyone else in the country.

“Just to make sure I understand the rule, if something offends somebody even if you’re never met that person personally then you have to change it. So then doesn’t that mean that a small group of super unhappy people get to control what the rest of us say and think?” Carlson asked.

Cathy Areu stuck to her guns, and insisted that language is updated all the time, so doing it to accommodate the perpetually-offended wouldn’t be a problem.

“I guess the question for me is, who gets to decide what changes and what doesn’t?” Carlson asked. “For example, I think I’ve now decided that the most offensive word in the language is college professor.”

Watch the video: Feminist Wants to Ban Words Containing 'Man'

It seems that, at some point, we have to draw a line. Well, according to the left we do not. How many people are seriously offended by "man" being a part of a word. To take things a step further, how many of these people are rational human beings?

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