Feminist Triggered by Bikinis – Tucker Carlson Hits Her With Logic – VIDEO

As you probably know, feminists are not hard to trigger. Well this takes it to another level. In this video, a feminist is triggered by bikinis. Then Tucker Carlson smacks her down with logic.

This video is jam packed with poor generalizations. It exposes not only the poor logic, but also the totalitarian agenda of the feminists.

It’s great watching Tucker Carlson blow her argument out of the water and hold her accountable. Watch the video.

Feminist Triggered by Bikinis


Here is a photo of what has the feminist so riled up.

Per Daily Wire:

The obvious hot-girl-in-little-to-no-clothing gimmick is a go-to tactic for PETA. The organization even has a campaign designed around an “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” slogan, in which actresses and models strip down to their birthday suits for a photo shoot in effort to advance PETA’s mission. The group is also known for their raunchy sex ads and attractive women covered in nothing but lettuce.

Some feminists, male and female, were upset over the Wimbledon stunt, deeming it anti-feminist and exploitative of women.

So these women shouldn’t be allowed to wear bikinis, even though they are paid to do so and also consent to do so? That is what is often referred to as liberal logic.

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