The refugee situation is getting worse. Especially in Europe. This female reporter attempts to cover the refugee situation, then the unthinkable happens.

Per II Gionale:

A female news reporter for Italian TV went to the main train station in Rome late one evening to report on the poor, poor African “refugees” who had been sleeping rough there for a while. The unfortunate young lady and her even more unfortunate cameraman were jumped from behind and assaulted by some of those same culture-enrichers. The unexpected fracas ended up being broadcast on live television.

Luckily for her, a (presumably unenriched) taxi driver happened to be at hand to offer her shelter; otherwise the reporter might have ended up providing therapy for some of the migrants to help them cope with their “sexual emergencies”.

Female Reporter Assaulted

Talk about a nightmare of a situation. They were simply trying to cover of the story of the "helpless" refugees. My oh my did that backfire or what?

Another indicator that the refugee situation is a disaster in Europe. President Trump is getting crushed by the mainstream media for trying to keep these types of people out of our country. It is simply a matter of safety for the United States, but the media wants to portray Trump as someone who hates Muslims, is racist, etc. when that is not the case at all.

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