Many states have begun to adopt a heartbeat bill, which is a legislation that bans abortion after a heartbeat is detected. This is a huge step forward, as the heartbeat can be detected as early as six weeks! The new law will undoubtedly save millions of lives and finally gives rights to the unborn.

Unfortunately, a federal judge temporarily blocked the heartbeat bill in Ohio earlier this week. By blocking the bill, the judge has allowed abortion clinics to remain open and continue the murderous procedure.

There are people in our country who do not understand that a baby in the womb is still a human being. Rather, they see it as a "clump of cells" and thereby justify abortion in their minds. Their feelings don't change the facts though. In every successful abortion, someone dies.

NBC reports: 

Saying the law places an unconstitutional “undue burden” on a woman’s right to have an abortion, U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett granted a preliminary injunction.

That means a law that was supposed to go into effect July 11, and which would have effectively halted most abortions in Ohio, is now on hold while the expected court challenges play out.

In his 12-page order, the Cincinnati-based Barrett noted that fetal heartbeats can occur as early as six weeks into pregnancy before many women even know they are pregnant.

“A woman with irregular periods likely will be denied the opportunity to seek an abortion altogether because she will not realize that she is pregnant in time to choose her fate,” Barrett said.

It's truly heartbreaking to see our country fighting for the "right" to murder our own children. I pray our people open their eyes and see the destruction before it is too late.

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