FBI is Investigating Conservative Websites to See if They Collaborated with Russia to Defeat Hillary

Every day there is a new story where the government is overreaching in desperation to legitimize this Trump victory. Now sources say the FBI is investigating Conservative websites. Why? To see if these websites collaborated with Russia to defeat Hillary. Hillary would have been an awful president. Conservative websites made sure the facts got out and everyone realized this. This has nothing to do with "collaborating with Russia."

Per McClatchy DC Bureau:

“Russian bots and internet trolls sought to propagate stories underground,” said Mike Carpenter, a former senior Pentagon official during the Obama administration whose job focused on Russia. “Those stories got amplified by fringe elements of our media like Breitbart.”

“They very carefully timed release of information to shift the news cycle away from stories that clearly hurt Mr. Trump, such as his inappropriate conduct over the years,” he said, referring to the October release of a video in which Trump bragged about grabbing women’s genitals. That event corresponded with a surge in bot-related traffic spreading anti-Clinton stories.

An additional Russian tool was the news from its prime propaganda machine, Russia Today, with a global television and digital media operation and a U.S. arm, RT America.

Last Nov. 19, Breitbart announced that its website traffic had set a record the previous 31 days with 300 million page views, driven substantially by social media.

How incredible insane is this story? This exact scenario plays out in every single presidential race. Each side tries to legitimize their candidate and de-legitimize the other. Unfortunately, this is a big part of politics. Especially when the stakes were someone like Hillary Clinton potentially being the President of the United States.

FBI is Investigating Conservative Websites

FBI is Investigating Conservative Websites

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