Earlier this week there were reports that Hillary's aides' laptops were destroyed. Now, FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton caught in huge scandal. Watch the video for more details.

This could be argued that this is one of the biggest scandals in US history.

Director Comey authorized his own agents to destroy the laptops after they were examined. Why is it a normal practice for Blackberry phones, laptops, etc. to be completely smashed to bits? This is not a normal move, specifically for people that are dealing with classified information. In fact, it should never happen.

On top of that, the FBI struck a side deal that would allow them to destroy all information that is relevant to the case. Along with that, there would be zero punishment for Hillary and all of the rest of her team of criminals. Keep in mind, that no one is permitted to tamper with the evidence with a case. This is even more true when this is a case that is still ongoing.

Despite all of this, people want to elect Hillary Clinton and send this country down the drain. This would be a death blow to this country if she is in charge of that, but also leader of the free world.

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FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton Caught in Huge Scandal

FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton Caught in Huge Scandal


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