There has been some very important and very telling details and documents released by the Department of Justice over the last week or so regarding the framing of General Michael Flynn.

Now we have an FBI Deep State operative that has flipped and is cooperating with the White House.

Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova, revealed that all of the information regarding Flynn - which I might add, is HUGE - all that information is just the tip of the iceberg. Former FBI General Counsel James Baker who was under Obama has flipped and is now cooperating with John Durham’s team.

Things are about to get bad for the Deep State and there are going to be probably at least a dozen people caught up in this sweep.

During the discussion on Howie Carr’s radio show, diGenova said, “You know Baker is now cooperating with Durham?” (James Baker the former FBI General Counsel.)

Carr replied, “He’s flipped?”

And diGenova responded, “Who was a target, is now understandably cooperating because he was looking at a boatload of criminal charges. Once these notes were discovered, and by the way, these were the notes that [FBI Director] Chris Wray and Dana Boente did not want turned over to General Flynn.”

DiGenova explains right now what is happening,

"But, here’s the thing. We now know that Durham is investigating the leak of that conversation between Flynn and Kislyak, and we now know that – I don’t think he’s interviewed David Ignatius, the little twit from The Washington Post, who wrote the story – but the person who leaked the information about the Kislyak phone call because he had legal access to the unmasking of Flynn was a guy who ran what’s called the Office of Net Assessment in the Department of Defense, a guy named James Baker, not the James Baker who was the FBI Director [sic] [James Baker was the FBI’s General Counsel].

The bottom line is this, it’s unfolding and what’s happening is, what Durham is actually doing is he’s painting a picture and not everyone of these acts is going to be a specific separate crime. But they are going to be, what’s called “overt acts in a conspiracy.” One to defraud the United States government. One to deny the civil rights of Trump and Flynn and Page and a bunch of other people.

And I’ve been told within the last few days that they are also looking at obstruction of justice for anybody (inaudible) providing false information to the FISA Court, false information to the FBI. For example, it’s known that Brennan was desperately trying to get information to the bureau to open a counterintelligence investigation against the President while he was a candidate, while he was in the internecine period, and then while he was President. All of those are being looked at for obstruction of justice. So, that’s a pretty heavy plate."


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