This father is livid and for good reason. Kris Wyrick stood in front of the San Diego Unified School District board and unleashed hell on them. He is disgusted that Islam is being taught to his children.

Kris Wyrick is a patriot and a hero. He did not back down at any point. "You're gonna have to drag me outta here!" he told the school board.

Kris Wyrick: “I’m a resident of San Diego. I’m a taxpayer, a father and a husband and a VERY proud American. Over the years I’ve had many titles, one of them I will not accept is Infidel!

There’s been an argument over the years to keep religious beliefs out of school especially any that happen to be associated with Judaism or Christianity, so at what point did you decide that it was okay to teach my children about Islam?”

Kris Wyrick was going off about CAIR. CAIR is a Hamas front group that is operating in the United States.

You’ve allowed CAIR to come into our public schools and they begin to implement pro-Islam curriculum. What’s next? Teaching them about the 5 pillars or the conversion prayer?

By this point, Wyrick was facing resistance. Someone said his 1 minute was up. That did not stop Wyrick at all. He refused to back down. This is when he says "you're gonna have to drag me outta here." At this point people started cheering him on!

Wyrick was pointing out the connection of CAIR to terrorism. At this point, the school board members were trying to get rid of him. This didn't stop Wyrick. He continues to go off and called them hypocrites as he walked out. He is called a big as he walks out by some liberal, you can hear it on the video.

This is AWESOME to see. A man with conservative values standing for what he believes in. He is doing the right thing by forcing the school board to be held accountable and demanding that the Islamic propaganda be taken out of his children's schools.

Watch the video.

Father is Livid! Kris Wyrick Wants Islam Out of His Children's Schools!

Kris has started a Go Fund Me to fight the terrible teaching his children are dealing with. Kris reached out to us with the following message:

I am Kris the man from this video, We have started a go fund me page to help fund the lawyer costs... If you want to help and cannot make it to the next school board meeting please donate. It is a 501c3 non profit and totally tax deductible. please help us fight this scourge in our public schools. Contribute!

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