The September 2016 murder of New York teenagers Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens by MS-13 was shocking to the community.

Leading up to the murder, Ceuvas was involved with a series of disputes on social media with MS-13 gang members.

On the evening of September 13, 2016, the two girls were attacked by several MS-13 members with baseball bats and a machete. The girls were struck numerous times in the body and head.

The following day Cuevas's body was discovered behind a home near where the attack occurred.

President Trump invited the parents of Kayla and Nisa to his Station of the Union address on Tuesday.

The two who were murdered, Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, had been very close friends since they were young. The two were chased down and brutally murdered by members of MS-13.

When President Trump paid tribute to the parents of Nisa and Kayla and all victims of illegal immigrant violence, the Dems groaned and sat on their stands.

It was a disgusting act, even according to the low bar set by the Democrats of today.

Two of the parents were invited by Laura Ingraham on her show.

The father of Nisa Mickens, Robert Mickens, let Laure know that he was upset with the response of the Democratic Party to his tragedy.

Watch the video:

Robert Mickens: “I thought it was very disrespectful. For the simple fact that the Democrats who were there and did not stand up, they were African-Americans. So that hurt me a lot… Regardless of how they feel about the president, they should show the respect, because I would show them the respect if that was their loved one.”

Great point by Robert Mickens. The Democratic Party would rather make themselves look awful than stand in honor of someone going through a very difficult time.


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