***Update September 9, 2017***

Snopes has posted an article mentioning this as fake news.

The tweets were actually real, they were cached in Google. Hard to determine whether the person tweeting was who they say they were or a troll. Snopes claims to know. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Either way, we're adding this to the story.

Original Story:

Situations like Hurricane Harvey can bring out the best and worse in people. In this case, the worst. Far leftists promote looting homes and businesses, but only of those who support Trump.

How about the hashtags this guy uses? #harveylootcrew. This guy actually promotes looting as a result of the situation of Hurricane Harvey. How about worrying about your safety and well being instead of breaking the law. Well at least he was nice enough to throw in a #prayfortexas. Of course this coward deleted his account after the backlash came his way. Nice knowing you, @BrotherTooTurnt.

Far Leftists Promote Looting Homes and Businesses of Only Trump Supporters

First off, looting in Texas is a risky venture to begin with. There is a great chance you run into a proud 2nd Amendment supporter and get gunned down on the spot.

Going to a Trump supporting Texan's home is another risky venture. There is a great chance they will be armed and ready to deal with any intruders.

You see, Texans don't need to worry about those nonsense laws where you get punished for defending your home and family from criminals. No BS laws that punish people for protecting themselves.

So go ahead and break into a Texan Trump supporters home. It might be the last move you ever make.

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