It should be no surprise this went down in San Francisco. On Wednesday, far left protesters block traffic and this impatient biker takes action.

The protesters were backing the disastrous bill known as Obamacare. Yeah, that's right, there are still people out there who think Obamacare is a good thing. Those people are known as liberals.

Unfortunately for the far left protesters there was one person who didn't appreciate their blocking traffic. He peeled right though them on his motorcycle.

Far Left Protesters Block Traffic, Get Dealt With!


Guess who got arrested in this situation? The biker! That's right, protesters laid on the street and blocked traffic. The biker drove down the street, you know like the roads were designed for, and somehow the biker is the only person who got arrested. What a load of crap!

This is what is wrong like California. These people are laying down in the street and keeping people from doing things they need to do. Then, someone finally gets fed up and takes action. Then that person pays the penalty while the people laying in the street get away with it.

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