When the far left blames Trump for Charlottesville, is it really a surprise? It is wrong and hypocritical. If it's Trump's fault, then why didn't Obama get blamed for these murders?

Here are five murders the left and the media didn't blame then President Barack Obama for.

Per Daily Wire:

1. Chris Dorner's murderous rampage. In 2013, ex-Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Officer Chris Dorner murdered four people in slightly over a week, including two police officers. In his manifesto, Dorner railed against the LAPD for firing him for complaining about an instance in which he claimed an officer used excessive force. However, the LAPD determined he had made false statements about it and fired him. Dorner felt slighted to the point where he decided to go on his murderous rampage to get his name exonerated and bring attention to what he felt was the LAPD's ongoing corruption. Dorner also happened to be a leftist who was a fan of the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

2. Micah Xavier Johnson's assassination of five police officers. Via The Daily Wire's James Barrett:

Responding to the outrage over Sterling and Castile, President Obama said their deaths were "not isolated incidents" but were "symptomatic" of a criminal justice system plagued by "racial disparities." That evening, during a Black Lives Matter rally, Johnson opened fire on Dallas police officers, shooting a dozen officers, five of whom died from their wounds. Before the police were forced to shoot him dead, he told them that he was deliberately targeting "white people, especially white officers" and that the Black Lives Matter movement had inspired his actions.

"The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter; he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters.

Obama spoke at the memorial for the slain Dallas police officers, where he trashed the police.

3. Gavin Long murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge, LA. Long was a black nationalist who subscribed to the same kind of Black Liberation Theology perpetuated by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor. Long frequently ranted about cops and "crackers" and was empathetic toward organizations like the New Black Panther Party.

4. Kate Steinle's murder. Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported five times yet was able to reside in San Francisco due to the city's status as a sanctuary city. The Obama administration largely supported sanctuary cities and didn't use the full legal tools at its disposal to crack down on them.

5. Benghazi. The scandal seems have to faded from the public's memory, but four brave Americans died at the hands of Islamic terrorists in the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The Obama administration initially blamed the attack on a video and did nothing to help the four Americans who were murdered. We still don't know what Obama was doing that night.

And yet, the media went out of their way to shield Obama from blame over the deaths of those four Americans, as they refused to hold Obama to the same standard to which they now hold Trump.

This completely blows the double standard by the mainstream media out of the water. While neither of these presidents should be held accountable for these murders, a much better case can be made that those murders were inspired by the actions of Barack Obama.

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