Another Hollywood celebrity felt it necessary to let the world know how much he despises President Trump.

Last week, actor Rob Reiner tweeted out his blind hate for the President saying,

“Donald Trump is actively trying to kill our children.”

Reiner, who gained notoriety as an actor for his role on All in the Family and has directed several well-known movies, seems to blame the President for the everything related to the pandemic. Back in March, he blamed the President for causing people in New York to die:

Some of his other tweets include, “Trump lies as America dies,” “A vote for Trump is a vote for Death,” “Donal Trump is a narcissistic sociopath who is committing negligent homicide,” “Trump’s 2020 election platform: Kill as many Americans as possible,” and the list goes on.

At some point, Reiner might have to admit he has a problem, and needs to seek help. A quick scan of his Twitter account seems that at least 90% of his tweets are talking about the failure of Trump in various ways, but especially on the President’s supposed lack of action on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never mind the fact that children thus far appear to be relatively unphased by the virus; if Reiner really cared about the lives of children, he would speak out with at least as much zeal against Planned Parenthood. Reiner blames Trump for the 135,000 lives currently attributed to COVID-19. Planned Parenthood, a symbol representing a major plank of the Democratic Party platform, performed 345,672 abortions from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019. That number is up from 332,757 abortions the previous year.

That’s two-and-a-half pandemic’s worth of deaths every year committed by the Democrat angel Planned Parenthood. In fact, even if it the deaths from the coronavirus could be attributed to President Trump (which they can’t), just going by the numbers, Reiner should be showing 2.5 times the exuberance denouncing the greatest scourge on our country.

It's long past time for celebrities of all kinds to realize that we don't care who they like or what they think about politics. We just want to be entertained.

Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Montclair Film

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