Like it or not, there are some states in the U.S. that are hold more importance that others when it comes to the presidential elections.

Up until recently, Michigan was a decidedly blue state, meaning that they would always vote Democrat. That all changes when President Trump ran for office and won Michigan. The last time Michigan had voted for a Republican president was back in 1988 when they voted for George Bush over Michael's obvious why though.

Now Michigan is considered to be a swing state, and because of that Democrats have to work harder to try and take it back no matter what the cost, even if they have to lie and cheat which is exactly what they did.

After a recent audit, officials learned that more than 500 municipalities had election clerks who were not accredited to run elections.

According to The Hill,

Hundreds of counties, cities and towns in Michigan do not have election clerks who are accredited to run elections, an audit released Friday has found.

Local election clerks did not meet legal training requirements in 32 counties, 83 cities and 426 townships, a report from the office of Michigan's auditor general found.

The auditor general's review also identified 12 counties, 38 cities and 290 townships in which the clerk did not meet the requirements and no other official had gotten full accreditation either.

Local clerks are required by state law to participate in accreditation courses and take continuing education courses every two years. The auditor general's report was based on a list from May of this year.

I can't imagine how anyone actually wants to vote Democrat after all the lying and cheating that they do to try and win. I want to believe that Democrats would care about a thing like that.

Just take Detroit for example: in nearly half of their precincts, they had more ballots than they did actual registered voters. How does something like that even happen?

I've said it before and I truly believe it; the only reason that Democrats win elections anymore is that they cheat their way into that position. Maybe not the candidates themselves, but the immoral Democrats who can influence elections.

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