Many people feel like Speaker Paul Ryan is standing in President Trump's way of greatness. Like this man for instance. This factory worker explodes on Speaker Ryan.

Over the weekend Speaker Paul Ryan spent some time in Wisconsin. This area also happens to be his home district.

There is a lot to be angry about when it comes to House lawmakers. After getting almost nothing done, they are about to go on a month-long vacation. They won't be back to work until September.

Wouldn't it be nice to have this schedule to finish off the summer?

August vacation, house calendar 2017, paul ryan

It would be great to have that schedule. Even though nothing has been accomplished you still get rewarded with a month off. Tough to beat that!

Well a Wisconsin man made sure to let Speaker Paul Ryan know how he feels about his work this year. This angry Republican voter laid it out for Speaker Ryan and left no doubt about how he feels. His name is Keith Ketzler and he's a blue collar factory worker.

Keith Ketzler: For eight horrible years I heard, ‘We don’t have control of the House. We don’t have control of the senate. We don’t have the presidency and when we get in we got a plan and we’re going to change stuff.” Well I tell you what, you’re in there now and all I see is infighting. It’s very dysfunctional.

You know why it feels like nothing is getting done? Because nothing is getting done! Watch the video.

Factory Worker EXPLODES on Speaker Paul Ryan

It's good to see people that hold their party accountable. This hard working man is not satisfied that his party has control he wants action. He had the opportunity to tell Speaker Paul Ryan how he feels and he took advantage of it.

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