The Exact Moment Hillary Supporters Realized It’s Over

Clinton supporters have been melting down badly over the past few days. In this video, Project Veritas caught the exact moment Hillary supporters realized it’s over.

Yep, It’s over…

This video kind of reminds me of when they show the very sad female college football fans during a heartbreaking defeat for their team.

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Days later, the Clinton supporters have had plenty of time to move on, but they refuse. They have progressed from crying and flipping the bird to rioting all over the country. These riots have became so spirited, that at times the anti-Trump rioters have fought each others. Some have take it to another level and decided to jump Trump supporters.

This is the result of being handed everything their entire life. Normally when an election ends, the correct thing to do is feel sad and grieve for a bit, congratulate the other party and then move on. This year, the Democrats have no desire to move on. At some point you have to wonder if they are ever going to accept Donald Trump as their president. No matter how much sniveling and crying they do, he is going to be the President of the United States of America.

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