Ever since ESPN moved to the far, far left, their ratings have plummeted. Recently they made some layoffs where they got rid of anyone who was interested in reporting on sports. So if you are wondering why does everyone hate ESPN, it is attributed big-time to their move into politics. They have alienated the entire conservative population of this country. Jason Whitlock nails it, watch this video.

Why Does Everyone Hate ESPN?

I do think is a direct result of their lurch to the left, and injecting progressive victimology into the sports conversation.

If you really understand sports culture, and all the values taught in sports, from Little League, Pee Wee, on, you’re never a victim. There are never any excuses that are accepted. Every coach teaches every play from 5 years old to 45 years old, we don’t tolerate excuses, we don’t tolerate victimology, and now so much of the conversation by the sports media, ESPN being the leader of this, is just filled with so-and-so is a victim, Colin Kaepernick is a victim, everybody’s a victim. It’s turning traditional sports fans off.

Never been a fan of Whitlock, but he makes some great ideas here. It's well known that the media has long had a liberal bias. Well now that has transitioned into a leftist bias. There is no longer a place like sports where people can seek refuge. The leftists way of life is pushed in your face everywhere you go.

What ESPN forgets is the viewers still have the power. We can simply change the channel. This is not North Korea. We still have our freedom. And we have spoken. As their ratings plummet they are desperate to figure out what the issue is as they continuously make layoffs. Meanwhile, anyone with a brain can easily see why the network is hemorrhaging cash.

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