Even CNN Praises Trump’s ‘Pitch Perfect’ Speech On The Opioid Crisis: ‘He Deserves Credit’ – VIDEO

It’s very well known that President Trump and CNN often but heads. In this case even CNN praises Trump’s “pitch perfect” speech on the opioid crisis.

Trump mentioned his “brother Fred,” who battled a different type of addiction and serves as the reason why he has never had a drink himself.

“We don’t often hear or see the president open up that personally as he did today,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said. “It was a pretty powerful moment.”

Chris Cillizza, CNN editor at large, noted that Trump usually “brags on himself and how smart he is … he deserves credit for focusing on the issue, and I think he did it in a way that is very rare for him, which is he didn’t brag.”

Even while complimenting President Trump, Wolf Blitzer had to throw in a dig.

“Yeah, and you know, I don’t know if he’s going to do more of it, but he probably should, right?”

The rocky relationship with CNN continues. Because of this Fox News has had 18 interviews with President Trump since he has been in office and CNN has yet to get a sit-down interview the Commander-In-Chief.

Below you can watch the full interview discussing Trump’s response to the opioid epidemic, per CNN and IJR:

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