This week Bernie Sanders spoke on MSNBC alongside Democrat National Committee Tom Perez. They are touring the country with the goal of unifying the Democratic Party. That's a very interesting goal, especially when you consider that Bernie Sanders refuses to call himself a Democrat. While he does not even consider himself a member of the party, he still wants it to succeed. Bernie says that in order for the Democratic Party to succeed they need to open their doors to independents as well as other outsiders. Heck, even CNN is laughing at at Bernie Sanders.

Despite all of this, he made it very clear that he is not a Democrat, but rather an Independent. Take a look at when he says this on MSNBC and they all have a laugh at his expense.

Even CNN is Laughing at Bernie Sanders

“If you were paying close attention, Chairman Perez was looking like, ‘Where’s the door? Energizing? Get me out of here,'” host John King accurately stated.

Kind of ironic that he is talking about unity, yet he refuses to acknowledge himself as part of the party. Despite running in the primaries against Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee, he still refuses to acknowledge himself as a member of the Democratic Party. What's that say about the state of this sad party?

“It’s a fun moment and it’s good theater, but does it get at the fundamental problem of the party, that the guy who came really close in the primaries still does not consider himself a member of the Democratic Party?” King questioned.

There's no way around it. The Democratic Party is in such shambles, that people aren't even sure who is running it at this point. Tom Perez serves as the chair of the DNC, yet he has been booed off the stage in just the past two weeks.

Just recently, California Rep. Maxine Waters has moved to the forefront of the Democratic Party. The New York Post has labeled her a "political rock star" on the left. Some wacko leftists even claim that she should run for president in 2020. Let's be realistic here, her most noteworthy accomplishments are the pack of insane statements she has made recently. The Daily Caller did an awesome piece about five reasons she shouldn't run for president.

A recent Harvard Harris survey determined that Bernie Sanders is currently the most popular politician among Democratic voters. The only bad part about that is that Bernie doesn't even acknowledge himself as a Democrat.

Can it get any worse at this point? The party seems to be able to continue to get worse, even when it doesn't seem possible. No amount of sugar coating by Waters, Sanders, Perez or any of the other quacks on the left can disguise what is actually happening. The left is in complete shambles and there is no sign of a revivial.

So what did you think about CNN's far left panel on "Inside Politics" having a big-time laugh at Bernie Sanders expense? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook.

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