Entire Box Of Hillary Clinton Emails Went Missing During FBI Probe

There have been some crazy details surface about the Hillary email investigation. An entire box of Hillary Clinton emails went missing during FBI probe. How’s that for some crazy details?
Entire Box Of Hillary Clinton Emails Went Missing During FBI Probe

Some alarming details have emerged since FBI Director James Comey announced the end of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. First, it was learned that the FBI destroyed Clinton aide laptops as part of their immunity agreement. These laptops were destroyed despite being under Congressional subpoena when it happened. Also, immunity was “handed out like candy” to Hillary’s aides many of who assisted with the private email server and used it.

Just today a new report by Catherine Hedge has broken. According to the report, entire boxes of Hillary Clinton email have been missing from the law firm that was representing Hillary during the investigation. This has prompted many accusations, including evidence tampering as well as purposeful evasion of Freedom of Information Act laws by the State Department.

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Per the Catherine Hedge report:

Buried in the 189 pages of heavily redacted FBI witness interviews from the Hillary Clinton email investigation are details of yet another mystery — about two missing “bankers boxes” filled with the former secretary of state’s emails.

The interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, also reveal the serious allegation that senior State Department official Patrick Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change the classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public.

The details about the boxes are contained in five pages of the FBI file – with a staggering 111 redactions – that summarize the statements of a State Department witness who worked in the “Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS).” The employee told the FBI that, “Initially, IPS officials were told there were 14 bankers boxes of former Secretary of State Hillary CLINTON’s emails at CLINTON’s Friendship Heights office.” Friendship Heights is a neighborhood that straddles the Northwest neighborhood of the District of Columbia and Maryland.

The State Department witness further explained to the FBI that “on or about December 5, 2014, IPS personnel picked up only 12 bankers boxes of CLINTON’s emails from Williams & Connolly.”

The officials were not sure if the boxes “were consolidated or what could have happened to the two other boxes.

Entire Box Of Hillary Clinton Emails Went Missing

Clinton claimed she deleted 3,000 emails that were “personal.”

The criminal investigation ended in July when FBI Director James Comey did not suggest an indictment, despite spending hours describing things Hillary did wrong. He basically rendered her incompetent.

Recently, the House Oversight Committee has began several investigations and questioned the integrity of the investigation, time and time again.


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