Some people should stick to their day job...and by some people I mean actors, actresses, and celebrities in general. They make their millions from our pockets. We pay to see their shows, movies, and to hear their music. Figuratively speaking, they work for us.

Ellen Degeneres is good at making people feel good and laugh. She is not, however, good at politics.

The television hostess went into a rant about the transgender ban in the military, claiming that it isn't fair. She claims that it is just another branch of President Trump's "hatred."

Ellen tweeted, “Tomorrow, the President’s ban on transgender people serving their country goes into effect. This isn’t about budgets. It’s hatred."

What Ellen did not mention is that it's not an outright ban of transgender people in the military, but rather stricter regulations. Which makes sense considering that transgender people are quite clearly confused. They are literally diagnosed with gender dysphoria, which is a type of mental illness.

How can one be expected to train, fight, and even possibly die for our country if they don't even know what genitals they have?

In January, Breitbart reported:

On July 26, 2017, President Trump announced that the U.S. military would generally continue its policy of not allowing transgender individuals to serve. DOD subsequently formulated a policy allowing some transgender individuals to serve, but that transgender individuals who would be unable to deploy on miss. This policy was implemented in October 2017.

Pursuant to subsequent orders from the commander-in-chief, then-Defense Secretary James Mattis recommended that transgender individuals cannot serve if their gender dysphoria requires in expensive gender reassignment surgery or other therapies that render them unable to serve for significant lengths of time. The specific military need is that those serving in uniform must be “free of medical conditions or physical defects that may require excessive time lost from duty.”

Leave it to the liberals to cry wolf and turn this molehill into a mountain.

Hollywood activists are in full social justice warrior mode. For example,  comedian and actress Sarah Silverman tweeted that trans military members are more heroic that other troops because they have to deal with more.

Sorry, but having a mental illness does not qualify one to be considered more brave than other military members.

The hashtag "#ProtectTransTroops" is now trending on Twitter and you can only imagine the unnecessary outrage coming from that:


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