Talk about irony. Sales of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's new "Billionaire Tears" mug are going to benefit a billionaire financially.

The mug is on sale for $25. It was introduced by Warren's presidential campaign on Wednesday. It is being sold by Shopify, which happens to have a founder and CEO who is worth over $2 billion.

Shopify Founder and CEO Tobias Lutke is worth around $2.8 billion.

“Savor a warm, slightly salty beverage of your choice in this union-made mug as you contemplate all the good a wealth tax could do: universal healthcare, student debt cancellation, universal free college, and more,” it says on the product page for the mug.

The Warren campaign has been using Shopify since just after she declared her intentions to run in February. Shopify has received almost $105,000 from her campaign for processing fees, per FEC records.

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The left will say anything to get a vote, even if makes no sense. This is peak hypocrisy and at this point, it's not even surprising.

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