Dumbest Liberal Rant of ALL-TIME – VIDEO

There have been many idiotic rants by the left. Well, David Frum has stepped up to the plate with the dumbest liberal rant of all-time.

David from is an editor for the Atlantic. He was once a speechwriter for George W. Bush. He made a case that the recent mistakes in reporting are exactly why journalists should be trusted by readers.

Here is the incredibly insane rant.

Dumbest Liberal Rant of ALL-TIME

Per The Hill:

“I have more advice for readers,” Frum told Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” “The mistakes are precisely the reason the people should trust the media.”

Frum described journalism as a process that is gradual, arguing readers must take in multiple stories to discern the truth.

“Journalism is a process. The way you discover the truth as a consumer of news is not by reading any one story and thinking ‘aha, here’s the truth,’ ” Frum said. “You have to be engaged in it. You have to be an active consumer.”

Frum’s comments come after two major news outlets, CNN and ABC, both recently made reporting errors that required corrections.

“In the process, there are going to be overshoots and undershoots,” Frum added.

President Trump has tried to seize on the mistakes to argue that information coming from these news outlets is “fake news.”

What an absolutely insane rant. How can this guy compare reporting fake news to the scientific method? The thing about scientists is they do the whole scientific method before reporting the results. This guy says reporters should create fake news as part of the process of getting the truth. That is insane and makes no sense.

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