22 year-old Florida resident bragged about his money from selling drugs on Facebook Live. Then, the Florida drug dealer goes from flashing his cash to getting arrested.

Breon Hollings is shirtless and in from of a camera. He's bragging, smiling, showing off his money. He tells the viewers. "You f** n**gers need to catch up. We getting money over here, man. We got so much of this sh*t man, ya'll already know the story."

Yes, Breon we do know the story. Thanks to your use of Facebook live.

Watch the video.

Florida Drug Dealer Arrested on Facebook Live

Suddenly the young entrepreneur heard some noises and things went south quickly. Here is more, per Action News Jax:

"This is Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. We have a search warrant," can be heard in the video, followed by a series of loud noises.

A police officer eventually walks into view of the camera. Officers are seen going in and out of the room before the video ends.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the raid was planned, and the video did not lead to the raid.

While searching the home, the officers found a handgun, ammunition, crack cocaine, oxycodone and more drug paraphernalia.

The police were quickly able to make an arrest. He was charged with:possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine and possession of paraphernalia for the manufacture or delivery of drugs.

Action News Jax was also kind enough to share his success story on Facebook.

Breon should have spent some of his "earnings" on surveillance instead of using it to show off to Facebook Live. This criminal got what he had coming to him. An arrest and some jail time.  One moment Breon was the happiest man alive flashing with a huge smile. The next moment, the cops are there with a warrant and the ride is over.

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