45-year-old rapper Eminem dropped his latest album, "Revival," on Tuesday. Critics gave it a thumps down which gave Donald Trump Jr. the chance to troll. Which he never passes on.

It was reported on Tuesday by Complex Magazine that Eminem has lines ready to respond to President Trump. Too bad for him President Trump doesn't care about the has-been Eminem and hasn't even looked in his direction. It's h*ll getting old, isn't it Marshall?

Per the Washington Examiner:

When asked if he was worried about losing fans due to the political tone in his new album, he responded: “I’m not worried about whether people like what I say politically.”

“I just want to know they’re listening,” he added. “As long as I have people’s ears, I have to say what I think is right.”

The rapper previously took a swing at the president in October in a freestyle rap that debuted during the 2017 BET Awards, however, it did not warrant a response from the White House.

Stephen Miller of Fox News pointed out how hilarious it is that Trump hasn't even looked in the direction of attention starved Eminem.

“Trump not responding to Eminem is the funniest thing of his presidency. EM thought he had him & it’s driving him insane that he didn’t even tweet about it.”


It appears President Trump is letting Don Jr. take care of his light work. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Donald Trump Jr. comes in with a masterful troll job.

Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Eminem

“It’s a bit odd that he’s admitting to having prepared heavily to take on a 70 year old politician. Probably not the best look. So much for freestyle. #WillTheRealLoserPleaseStandUp.”

Mikael Wood of The LA times took a crap on Eminem's latest album:

Eminem hits clunker after clunker on “Revival,” his clumsiest record to date. It’s not just the corny jokes and goofy puns, either, although those are plenty bad. The production — by Rick Rubin, Alex Da Kid and others, including Eminem himself — is just as ungainly, with turgid rock guitars and dreary mid-tempo grooves that make this 19-track set feel even longer and more punishing than it is.

Eminem is not aging gracefully and catches a major L as he heads toward 50 years of age. Trump Jr. laid the smack down on him and his album has flopped.

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