Donald Trump Jr Makes a Mockery of Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow hyped up her acquisition of Trump’s 2005 tax returns to no end. Unfortunately for her, it was much adieu about nothing. It turns out that Donald Trump pays more taxes than Socialist Bernie Sanders, President Obama and many other Liberals. After this went down, Donald Trump Jr. made a complete mockery of Maddow. It was simply too easy for Donald Jr.

Donald Trump Jr Destroys Rachel Maddow

Maddow came with no facts and left herself wide open. Trump Jr. disposed of her properly via Twitter.

Looks like Donald J Trump isn’t the only Twitter troll in the family. Donald Jr isn’t so bad himself!

At this point Twitter exploded with everyone picking Rachel Maddow apart. Everyone got in on the act.

You know Mark Dice is always more than willing to do his part in tearing up the left.

Patriot Drew came in and completely dropped the bomb with this Tweet. This was a true walk off!

The last tweet gives you some perspective. Trump paid $104,109 in taxes every single day for the year of 2005. That really gives things some perspective. Many people won’t pay that much in taxes over their lifetime. Trump did it every single day.

Also, Maddow tried to make a big story of Trump writing off $100 million in losses. This is one of their favorite things to do. Donald Trump used the laws and regulations to his advantage and was very successful. The same approach he is taking in the White House to Make America Great Again.

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