CNN host Don Lemon suggested that President Trump's immigration address should be censored on Tuesday night. Lemon claims that since he spouts off so much "propaganda" that it would be justifiable for networks to censor him.

On Tuesday night President Trump spoke to the American people with hopes of pushing for a southern border wall. The wall is the sticking point that is causing a government shutdown.

While transitioning between Lemon's show and Chris Cuomo's on Monday night, Lemon suggested to his colleague that there could be selective delays in President Trump's speech:

“Listen, I’m not saying that we should do it, but do you think [there] should be — I don’t know — a delay of some sort […] because people will believe it. The president will say what he has to say. People will believe it whether the facts are true or not. I guess that’s the chance you take with any president, but this one is different. And then by the time the rebuttals come on, we’ve already promoted propaganda possibly.”

When Lemon pointed this out, Cuomo changed his expressing and began squinting in disbelief.

Watch - Don Lemon Suggests Trump's Immigration Address Be Censored

Cuomo argued that Trump's argument for the border wall is very reasonable.

“And by the way, wanting barriers along the border is not propaganda. It’s not immoral, it’s not wrong,” Cuomo said.

Lemon reluctantly agreed, but claims President Trump is pushing the border wall along with false information.

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