When it comes to getting their way, liberals will stop at nothing and that includes putting their own kids into real and present danger.

The Black Lives Matter movement has taken things to a new level by placing their children in danger by having them take part in the riots and march outside Portland which is under heavy violence to march by the federal courthouse carrying signs that say "f**k the police" and even saying the actual words.

What is wrong with these people? These are children.

They're doing this in Portland. In case you've forgotten what Portland looks like, let me refresh your memory.



This is what is currently going on in Portland. I can't even imagine this being a place that I would ever even consider taking my children. In fact, if this were the place that I lived, I would have packed up and moved already, not put my children on the front lines.

People can say that kids nowadays don't know how to behave because they weren't spanked as children themselves. This is bogus and is self-defeating because they're either blaming their parents or they're blaming themselves. They say this knowing that their generation was spanked as children, but it's still their generation that's complaining about their own children not being spanked.

If that were really the case, then they would be to blame anyway. But the thing is, that's not the problem. It's not a lack of spanking, it's a lack of discipline and raising children up in the ways of doing evil.

Today parents curse at their children, throw things at them, yell at them, all in all, they treat them as though they're sub-human not understanding that they are molding their own children to internalize this and grow up yelling, cursing, and treating their own children the same way because they assume that's just the way that parenting is done.

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“It’s no different for me than it is to anybody else who cares about justice and who can be empathetic to the fact that justice has been denied to a group of people for far too long. And enough is enough,” the coach ranted. “Everybody’s tired of it, especially the group that has been degraded and savaged for so long. People who don’t understand Black Lives Matter or are offended by it are just ignorant.”

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On Monday, during MSNBC's “The ReidOut,” Abrams had a meltdown about the bill introduced by Senator Tom Cotton, in which he wants to cut funding from teaching a history that America was founded on slavery.

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Never Trumper Robert De Niro Took $28 Million in Coronavirus Loans

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While De Niro is constantly attacking President Trump on Twitter and on TV he was more than happy to take funds from the Trump administration's business funding assistance. How about making a successful movie? Nah, he'd rather leach off of government funding.

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Israeli Forces Protect Netanyahu's Home From Protestors with 'Water Cannons'

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When the group of unruly protesters showed up they were greeted with a massive water cannon. The crowd quickly dispersed when the cannon was unleashed.

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FAIL: Black Lives Matter Moron Shoots At Motorist, Hits Protester Instead (VIDEO)

Over the weekend in Aurora, Colorado, the Black Lives Matter protesters proved once again how terribly violent creatures they are.

Honestly, I'd like to believe that the movement is just being hijacked by a bunch of idiotic white Antifa kids, but I don't see anyone denouncing this violence from the organization.

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Sheriff’s Office Confirms There WILL Be Charges Filed Against BLM Supporter Who Kneeled on Neck of White Baby

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More often than not, I choose not to write on something because I find it too sad or depressing to write about and I don't even want to know the details of what happened.

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