Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented a lot of the 2020 campaigning from happening, Creepy Joe Biden is still very worn. In fact, Joe Biden is so tired that he appeared to doze off during a live town hall where Hillary Clinton endorsed him on live television.

Despite evidence mounting in a sexual assault claim by former staffer Tara Reade, Hillary Clinton walked into the fire and endorsed Creepy Joe. She clearly has a track record of backing men like this.

The least Biden could do was stay awake while she endorsed him. Except he just couldn't.

You decide. Did Biden pass out?

Did Joe Biden Doze Off on Live TV?


Perhaps he was taking a long look at his notes, but I don't know. He was very still and his eyes weren't moving.

Either way, after putting up with Joe Biden this long, we've earned the right to poke fun at him. After all, Joe does have a track record of dozing off while his buddies are talking.

Who could forget when he fell asleep when his good friend Barack Obama was speaking in 2011. This was while he was VP.


Someone get Creepy Joe a cup of coffee, quick!

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