On Monday while on MSNBC it Rep. Eric Swalwell seemed to pass gas. Of course he denied, but it sure seems like he did.

Swalwell was appearing on "Hardball with Chris Matthews" on Monday to talk about the impeachment inquiry against President Trump. What gives it away is he was the only person speaking when it happened and he made a brief pause when the noise is audible.

If this happened it wouldn't be the first lawmaker to fart on MSNBC. Back in 2011 former Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank did the same thing.

Swalwell denies he did it. Andy Baird of Buzzfeed reached out to Swalwell and he said it was "not him!" and also claims that he didn't even hear it.

If you listen to it, it seems very evident that the Democrat did break wind.

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We all knew that Rep. Eric Swalwell was full of hot air and this proves it.

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