Late Sunday Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) warned LeBron James that he will be paying higher taxes than he ever has since he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

"LOL! Prepare to pay the highest taxes you ever have in your career!! You should have held out for more just to afford the Moonbeam weather tax!!!" Nunes tweeted, referring to the California Governor Jerry Brown's nickname "Moonbeam."

Per Washington Examiner:

The "weather tax" is a joke in California referring to "the high price of real estate and the high cost of living due to the combined tax burden," funding California's "socialistic ways," a columnist for the Beach Street News wrote.

James, who is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after signing a $153.3 million contract, will now be subject to the highest income tax rate in the nation over the course of the 4-year agreement. California also has the highest sales tax in the nation, at 7.25 percent.

David Kline, spokesperson for the California Taxpayers Association, said California also has compounded property taxes that "can add hundreds or thousands of dollars every year," according to Politifact.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, LeBron. For a guy that cares more about money than winning championships, you know this is something he is aware of. Out west he will face the Warriors before the finals and be paying much higher taxes. That said, he'll be able to land more endorsement deals in the massive market of Los Angeles.

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