This is nothing new for DePaul. Back in November 2016 they threatened to arrest Ben Shapiro if he stepped foot on campus. Now DePaul bans Steven Crowder from speaking on campus. They said that Crowder does not "align" with their "educational mission." Crowder provided an official response to The Daily Wire and it is incredible.

Per Daily Wire:

"I had no idea I was even being considered as a speaker on campus," Crowder said in a statement sent to The Daily Wire. "Thanks, guys (and girls, and zis). But now that I know they've banned me, it seems that one way or another, I HAVE to visit DePaul, right? I mean, what choice do I have?"

The comedian and podcast host also defended the content of his videos which the review board found so "provoking."

"As far as my 'videos,' listen, I'm a late-night comic," said Crowder. "I host a late-night show. We do PLENTY of bits that will offend people of all different stripes. I make no apologies. That's not our primary intent, however. On the flip-side, you can go watch several HOURS of my 'Change My Mind' segments on YouTube, in which I engage strangers and/or students in civil disagreements, unedited, sometimes for hours at a time. Nobody else in the history of news commentary has done that. I will respectfully engage with ANYONE willing to have a productive, reasonable dialogue.

"If the faculty and students of DePaul are too weak-minded to do the same, then I feel sorry for them and hope to see full refunds issued to parents who were under the false impression they were paying for a proper education," he concluded.

DePaul Bans Steven Crowder From Speaking On Campus

Photo Credit: CRTV

The left is all about free speech as long as your speech is something they agree with. Good to see Steven Crowder call them on their  nonsense.

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