Further proof of the hypocrisy of the left. They now claim building a wall on the US border wall is immoral. They didn't always feel this way. Democrats once supported and paid for a border wall along the Mexico border. Except it was their southern border with Guatemala.

The left hates when we bring up statements they have made in the past that directly contradict their current stances. The only problem is it's too easy to find these types of statements.

Per Rio Grande Guardian:

…this last Congress, in December, we appropriated $750 [million] to help the Northern Triangle countries. Some are going to say to make sure it goes out as fast as possible, but it’s $750 million dollars to address the issues – the core issues that we have. In the past, we also have appropriated money to help Mexico secure its southern border with Guatemala. And again, I think, the message here is we have got to look at it as a regional perspective.  We also have been to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, even Costa Rica with the Cubanos that are coming in largely through Laredo. So what we’re doing is – we want to look at this as a regional approach, work with Mexico and Central America to address these security issues and migration issues.”

Yesterday President Trump put the Democrats on blast for their reluctance to build a wall along the United States border with Mexico.


It's very easy to tell that there is a political agenda to keep the United States from securing their southern border.

Congress is more than happy to give money to Central America and Mexico. It was announced by Paul Ryan's Congress in December that $10.6 billion was provided for these countries in December. There was zero money for the United States-Mexico border wall included in this $10.6 billion.

Despite the government being re-opened until February 15, President Trump is holding strong on his demands for the border wall. He has threatened to use his presidential power to make sure this happens.

So if we get to February 15 with no agreement to build the wall, we will see if President Trump is a man of his word.

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