The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear its first case centered around Second Amendment rights in nearly ten years and just that alone has left the liberals shaking in fear.

The case has to do with a New York City handgun premises license law. How these are supposed to work is that if you live in NYC you can obtain one of these permits so you can "legally" take your handgun to a shooting range, but only within city limits. The gun must be unloaded and locked in a case and you can't take it outside of city limits.

The Wall Street Journal even attacked the Democrats in their effort to try and get the Supreme Court to drop the case,

Democrats have gone to great lengths to get the Justices to drop the case. After the High Court accepted it in January, the New York Police Department revised its ban to allow gun owners to take their handguns (locked up and unloaded with the ammunition stored separately) “directly to and from” second homes and shooting ranges outside the city.

But as amicus briefs note, the Court has criticized this kind of strategic “voluntary cessation” of challenged conduct by defendants to preserve favorable judicial outcomes or avoid adverse rulings. Courts are only supposed to review “live controversies,” but the Justices are loath to rule a case moot unless it is “absolutely clear” a defendant won’t resume the challenged conduct.

New York’s behavior offers no such confidence. Crafty city officials coaxed fellow Democrats in the New York State Legislature to pass a law pre-empting their abandoned transport ban.

The SCOTUS has typically avoided hearing any cases pertaining to the Second Amendment after previous rulings that have already been made in other cases in which these rulings would apply to those cases already.

I have confidence that the SCOTUS will make the correct decision here and rule in favor of the Second Amendment rights of the citizens.

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