On December 19, 1998, immediately following the impeachment of accused rapist former President Bill Clinton, Democrats applauded. This was despite him being charged under articles of impeachment by the House of Representatives for obstruction of justice and lying under oath to a federal grand jury.

Clinton lied about having an inappropriate sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. On top of that he has been accused of committing sexual crimes against multiple women.

Regardless of this, Clinton was applauded by Democrats after his impeachment as they were convinced he was being portrayed as a victim of "politics of personal destruction."

Watch the video.

Per Daily Wire:

The video shows the complete hypocrisy of the political Left, which has attacked Republicans over the recent allegations against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual assault.

Still, to this day, Democratic leaders like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continue to defend Clinton and his actions by blaming Republicans for “starting” the politics of personal destruction “as they went after the Clintons.”

The left-leaning mainstream media is neck-deep in this hypocrisy; a report by the Media Research Center revealed that they give Republican scandals 52X more coverage than Democratic scandals.

What is even more disturbing about the hypocrisy of the media and the Democrats is that they claim to support women and encourage victims to come forward, even as Bill’s accusers say Hillary tried to silence them.

It's amazing what the left will overlook when it comes to their heroes. From Bill Clinton to the sickos in Hollywood.

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