Democratic Congressman Admits The Real Reason The Left Opposes Tax Cuts

On Thursday, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu unveiled the real reason the left opposes tax cuts. Because poor people are jealous of rich people.

Ted Lieu tweeted:

GOP underestimates how people feel when they know others got a better deal. If Sally gets a tax cut of $380 but others get $200,000, she will be upset. And wait until Joe finds out he is getting a tax increase for residing in CA. That’s why tax bill is so unpopular: human nature.

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While it may be true that people from the bottom of the earnings bracket get less back than high-income earners, there is a simple reason for that. It’s because they pay far less taxes.

Per Daily Wire:

But that’s the entire problem from Lieu’s perspective: if the poor man gets to keep a small amount of money because he’s poor, that’s unfair. Instead, he’s being robbed, since he has some sort of right to the rich man’s money.

This is immoral. It violates at least three of the Ten Commandments: the commandment not to steal, the commandment not to covet, and the commandment not to worship idols. On a moral level, just because you want someone else’s property doesn’t mean the government can provide it for you or that you have a right to vote for politicians who will take it.

At least this fool is honest about the situation. Doesn’t make it any less foolish. They don’t want people keeping as much of their money so they don’t make those who have less jealous.

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