Democrats are going to Democrat, if you know what I mean. Alabama Senator Doug Jones, who defeated Judge Roy Moore for the seat, is in for a tough election season, especially after he decided to take an extravagant trip to Europe and charge it to the campaign.

Did I miss something? Is he running for office in Europe?

While in Europe, Sen. Jones lodged at two very elegant hotels in London and Paris.

According to Fox News,

The K+K Hotel Cayre in Paris, billed as “a beautiful historic building located in heart of Saint Germain Des Prés” that’s within walking distance to Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The hotel boasts “soundproofed” luxury rooms and private black marble bathrooms with underfloor heating.

The red-state politician up for reelection in November also spent $1,296 at the Baglioni Hotel in London, which describes itself as “one of the finest 5-star luxury hotels in London” that’s located in “one of the most exclusive, elegant and celebrated parts of the city.”

Jones’ getaway included $1,164 spent on Eurostar rail travel and $533.66 for Easy Jet airfare in England, according to campaign reports that Jones filed with the Federal Election Commission on Feb. 20.

In all, his campaign paid for nearly $3,500 in European travel expenses dispersed in January, records Jones’ himself disclosed to the federal government. The expenses were related to a fundraising trip Jones took in December to collect checks from well-off Americans living abroad and wanting to support Jones’ tough fight for re-election, Fox News has learned.

Jones is already down in the polls against Jeff Sessions and he's going to have a hard time beating Sessions in Alabama to begin with, much less after pulling this stunt. To me, it looks like his days are numbers and Jeff Sessions will win in November securing one more seat in the Senate.

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