I've heard of people suing companies over ridiculous reasons. There have been lawsuits for having a sandwich that's too short, coffee that's too hot, and food that makes people fat.

But of all the ones I've heard, this one certainly takes the cake. It actually comes in the case of a discrimination lawsuit.

Most of the time when you see these types of lawsuits it's not that they were directly discriminated against, but rather it's because they weren't proactive enough to accommodate that individual.

But at what point would you draw the line with something like this.

One man decided to sue the largest adult video website on the internet, P*rnhub for a hilarious reason. He's suing because they didn't have closed captions on their videos.

According to Global News,

When a delivery man and a college student are arguing over the price of pizza in a p*rn video, people who are deaf shouldn’t feel left out of the discussion.

That’s the argument behind a new lawsuit launched in New York on Thursday, which accuses Canada-based P*rnhub and its sister sites of failing to include closed captioning in most of its adult videos.

The suit was filed in the Eastern District of New York on behalf of Yaroslav Suris, who is deaf. P*rnhub is named in the suit along with its sister sites, RedTube and YouP*rn, and their parent company MindGeek.

The suit claims P*rnhub is violating the rights of people who are deaf and hearing-impaired under the Americans with Disabilities Act because many of its videos lack closed captioning.

My guess is that this lawsuit is going to be thrown out eventually because if I understand correctly, the Americans with Disabilities Acts

On top of that, the company is Canadian and their headquarters is in Europe so even if they were in violation of the ADA, it may not even matter since they're not a U.S. based company.

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