The stuff that goes on in these elections is unreal. Now the dead are voting in Colorado. The dead are participating in democracy with regularity.

The Dead Are Voting in Colorado

Per CBS:

A CBS4 investigation has found multiple cases of dead men and women voting in Colorado months and in some cases years after their deaths, a revelation that calls into question safeguards designed to prevent such occurrences.

“We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred,” said Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams after reviewing the CBS4 findings. “It shows there is the potential for fraud.”

The cases of dead men and women casting ballots ranged from El Paso County in southern Colorado to Denver and Jefferson County. CBS4 discovered the fraudulent voting by comparing databases of voting histories in Colorado against a federal death database.

The Dead Are Voting in Colorado

Voter fraud is something that needs to be under control. The only reason there aren't more cases of voter fraud is because it is not investigated enough.

Hillary has surely locked up the "dead vote." Share on Facebook and help expose that dead people are voting in mass amounts.

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